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Chuuba  postpartum belt is fantastic. I have tried waist trainers with other Babies and they are just so uncomfortable especially when sitting down. This is more flexible and you can adjust it so many different ways so it really moves with you but still cinches you in! It comes with 3 pieces so you can wear just 1 of the pieces or all 3 which is nice as well!


Amaka lekki

Well I gave birth to my baby boy, and I am currently 4 days postpartum. I notice an immediate difference when I wear it all day and my stomach looks flatter and more toned. I have been loving it. I dont wear the pelvis belt because I dont feel it’s necessary. The belt is very adjustable and the material is comfortable enough to leave on most of the day. I would highly recommend this belt. Oh, and its not noticeable underneath semi-fitted clothes as I have worn it out as well.


Eunice Abuja

I am so grateful to a blog post that I read that mentioned these wraps for postpartum. I feel like they’ve definitely helped me get my body back. I’m currently 4 weeks postpartum and I definitely don’t look like I did before pregnancy, but I don’t look pregnant anymore which is great!


Mama Junior PH


 Chuuba fitness is proud of you, for all the challenges that you have endured throughout pregnancy. Your body has stretched out and strained, it’s time to pamper it!.  INSTANT PAYMENT OR PAYMENT ON DELIVERY NO PROBLEMS. You deserve to get your beautiful shape Back. ORDER HELP LINE 08036405584


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